VARINA brand products are undoubtedly an invitation to tradition and to Portugal and has awakened the interest of markets around the world for all their differentiated image, for the message of innovation and tradition combined that the brand passes and, of course, for their undeniable quality.

VARINA brand has got the participation of seven renowned Portuguese Chefs in its creation.

With a range of differentiated products and based on excellence and quality, VARINA brand has combined innovation with a traditional since the design to the new flavors.


  • Sardines in Oregano Olive Oil and Chili Pepper – Chef Bertilio Gomes
  • Sardines in Mint Olive Oil With Green Cardamomo and Piri-Piri – Chef Diogo Rocha
  • Sardines in Basil Olive Oil With Sweet Chili Pepper and Spicy Smoked Paprica – Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa
  • Sardines in Lemon Thyme Olive Oil – Chef João Rodrigues
  • Sardines in Oregano Olive Oil and Ginger With Black Pepper Grain and Coriander – Chef Noélia Jerónimo
  • Sardines in Parsley Olive Oil and Green Mint With Green Cardamomo and Pink Pepper – Chef Rui Paula
  • Sardines in Basil Olive Oil With Jamaica Pepper and Cinnamon – Chef Vitor Sobral