MAR Brand was born with the aim of aligning tradition, history, modernity and quality in a single path.

A brand with a different and irreverent image with a strong bet to stand out in the high quality market.

MAR brand products are made with first choice fish (sardines and mackerel from purse seine fishing and Tuna from pole and line or purse seine but always FAD free ), with organic olive Oil and high quality ingredients. This whole range is produced in the traditional way using the pre-cooked method and all done by hand.

MAR brand guarantees:

  • Sardines and mackerels, made with traditional production methods, which result in an unparalleled freshness and flavor;
  • A real European sardine, pilchardus sardine;
  • Use of Skipjack Tuna in the production of its products, either in bottles or cans;
  • Canned Fish with unparalleled freshness, pre-cooked, in organic extra virgin olive oil;
  • Our Tuna Fillets are complete fillets and of PREMIUM quality, and not in chopped or ground pieces;
  • A Gourmet product of undeniable quality;
  • Products with ORGANIC and MSC Certification;

MAR brand has a line of canned products and another in 190g and 250g Jars.