The company RICARDO REYNAL – Produtos Alimentares Unipessoal, LDA. is a company proud to have the privilege of being representative of a brand that has always stood out for the excellence of its values, quality and above all for being different in the way in which it sees and approaches the market.

The products of the brand BELA are made with fresh fish from the local fishing, purse seine fishing, which has existed for centuries, along the European coast, and in this case in Portugal.

For many years now, BELA and local family companies have forged strong relationships and long lasting friendships, and the existing partnership with RICARDO REYNAL – Produtos Alimentares Unipessoal, LDA. is living proof of this.

BELA guarantees:

  • Our Portuguese sardines and mackerel are packed up to 8 hours after their capture, resulting in unparalleled freshness and flavor;
  • A real European sardine, pilchardus sardine;
  • Use of Skipjack tuna in the production of its products;
  • Fish with an unrivaled freshness, packed fresh in extra virgin organic olive oil and organic sauces;
  • Their Fillets are complete and of PREMIUM quality, and not in chopped or ground pieces;
  • A Gourmet product of an undeniably quality;

If this small presentation has aroused your interest, do not waste time and try it for yourself!

I invite you to visit the site mentioned below for a better knowledge of what the brand is, where it is present, what its acts and recognitions, recipes, among others …