In the company RICARDO REYNAL – Produtos Alimentares Unip. Lda. we truly believe on quality, transparency, sustainability and cooperation.

Our Products

A product by itself, isolated, does not transmit anything, does not convey any message, does not tell any story.
That is why we always follow the creation and launching , carefully and attentively, of our products, since their conception to their placement at the point of sale.

We are sure that, from the choice of the raw material, to the production method, to the communication with our clients or suppliers, everything is of the utmost importance to achieve the highest level of confidence in our products and, consequently, in us.

Suppliers and Clients

We firmly believe that companies and businesses are made by people, with people and for people. And that is why for us, maintaining a transparent, flexible and cooperative relationship, with our suppliers or customers, is essential.
We always do and we will continue to do everything so that the relationship with our partners is always a WIN-WIN situation, because we believe that a relationship is good when the parties respect each other and cooperate.

Ideologies, Ways of Being

We support and defend research and scientific innovation as well as technological introduction for the benefit of the food industry, but without ever forgetting or neglecting traditional production, sustainable fishing, the purchase of certified products and the manufacture of our products with ingredients of organic origin.

It is important to make all generations, present and future, aware that we only have one planet and that we have to take care of it. We must be aware of the importance of a more ecological life, of the importance of ocean sustainability and the non-pollution of the oceans as well.

Social Aspects

In the same way that, on his own and voluntary initiative, our manager Ricardo Reynal is vice-president of a Social Institution, the company RICARDO REYNAL – Produtos Alimentos Unip. Lda. is aware of the needs around us and demands that himself and those with whom we do business have social and labor responsibility.

We are aware of the needs of those who cooperate with us, in order to gratify and provide them a good remuneration and decent working conditions, health, hygiene and safety for all.

We reject any and all types of exploitation, mistreatment, discrimination, harassment and abuse.
We believe that a dignified and correct life is one that is based on principles and mutual respect.